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The stories which we write, the roles we play,

the fables we weave are the memories we carry

ahead. Arendelle’s fables are symbolic of the life

we have led, of the people we have touched with our

love and the place they have in their hearts for us.

Life is nothing but our reflection and the world a mirror

to see who we are at our core.

This luxury velvet cushion cover assures to bring

along with it, softness, elegance and even warmth

so that the people most important to us feel the same

in their hearts.

Arendelle’s fables cushion cover ( velvet )

SKU: LHHC00033
  • Dimensions: 16x16 inches

    Materials: Velvet, Cotton

    Colour: Pink


  • Since this product manufactured using velvet, it must be gently washed by hand with water at room temperature.

    Use of bleach is to be avoided at all times.


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